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[DARWIN] ARF by ArmoniaCapital

Hi Everyone,

My name is Rémy, I am a software developer and the co-founder of Armonia Capital

We are a small team based in Lyon, France of 2 co-founders, a website developer, a designer and a community manager.

I'd like to present the DARWIN ARF that is based on this strategy of mine.

We discovered Darwinex recently and the only thing I regret is to not have joined earlier.

I'll be glad to hear your thoughts and wishing you all the best trading and investing experience at the best place to be ! 🌠
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This is the english link to your strategy/account: https://www.darwinex.com/account/D.259017

I have a question as I'm very curious on this point:
Besides mentality - is your successful poker experience useful and used for your strategy or your risk management?

Hello, thanks I updated the link to the english version.

This past experience (which I stopped 7 years ago) is definitely a plus, I learned a lot about self evaluation, humility, the importance to fold (as important as stoploss for trading), evaluating his opponent, analyzing emotions and their biais..
The gaming industry is as hard to profit for a living as the retail forex industry.
But the big difference was that forex robots were welcome by brokers so I tried my luck with MQL programming language. I am a big fan of automated trading, it eliminates human errors due to emotions, work without pause, compute much more datas faster and robust forex strategies that can profit for decades do exist.
I can't say that this past experience is used for my current money management but it is definitely usefull to understand how important money management is.
Darwinex is very good at harmonizing risk between every Darwins, this way investors can easily find who profits the most on a given timeframe with same risk of 6,5 % VAR without having to understand deeply forex trading, which is unique, they truly do most of the investors homework.
Today the risk management we use is 0,35 % per trade.
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Good results ArmoniaCapital! I didn't know I were so popular that my full sentences (including the emojis) would be copied by others ;)
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