Courses and confusion

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May 3, 2008

I need some advice. I am new to trading and have done a lot of reading on chart patterns,indicators, etc and have even spent some months virtual trading.

I have been looking through this site for the best infomation on courses etc, and have a couple of questions:
1. Has any one used or does use the colour charts proposed by Alan Rich and do they work
2. Is a 7 day live trading course better than a theory course even if it was £3000
3. As a beginner would it be easier to trade Forex?
4. Are there any live trading conferences that are held / can be set up?
5. Does anyone, through video confrencing showing details of how they trade / what descisions they make?

Many thanks for your time and advivce in advance

Sep 5, 2006
Distrito Federal
Hi technical analysis could be very expensive because it is consider a cristal ball, anyways, I recommend that you check IEB - Madrid - Inicio in Madrid spain where I live, i made a course there for 5 months and prepared for the CFTe level 1 which thankfuly i got, still theory is not hard, the market is. the entire course is about 3000 Euros


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Jul 22, 2007
Am highly sceptical of courses. Most of the stuff you can find online. There are a lot of con artists who tell you nothing more than what you can find on this site's articles and traderpedia and on Sure, they'll give you a strategy but there are loads on this site you can try free of charge. The key thing is getting a strat that works with you. I know a lot of people who make a good living scalping off support and resistance. I always choose the wrong ones.

I do hear that Alan Rich is good, though. I met him at an exhibition and he seemed very down-to-earth and genuine as well as being a friendly chap.