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Not lookin happy


Better opening today..........

Cad is THE Alpha Bull.....been chasing it on UCAD sells ....but not perfect as USD is Bull as well

So UCAD resells or really any European currency Sell off the next USD push Bull.....

your calls go for it


This was my last real update earlier following my advice there for the day would have been pretty ok

Just bouncing The Brown Cad Bull against the USD (when bearish swings) and Selling the Europeans (well EUR and CHF) against when the USD swung back bull..........

Takes a little practice and mindset ....but Clearly the Euro / CHF drop to - 60 pips on the day so far was most marked and at times by playing the Bull CAd into a fading USD sell..........that would have been master class stuff

Hope everyone liked the early heads up at 9AM today ! ....



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Humans hate uncertainty and discomfort

Trading is 100% of both these things ....

So learn to love them or at least tolerate them ......

or dont trade .........
ok here we are Tuesday 6th May ....

early action saw USD bearish so i went Ucad Sells Euro developed into a bear play I also went EU sells when signals allowed......unless i see a real bias/trend on USD I dont stay on 1 side of it ....

Going ok with Europeans now clearly selling best ....



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good volatility and Easier action today ......

USD came slowly south in first hour from 6am and i simply had to look for decent bull plays

GBP , NZD, AUD and CAD were all in the Bull running ....I simply got on GBP as it became the strongest

USD and JPY have dominated sells so far ....

much better already than last few scaping days



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money available on Cable as it tries torally back into london bull trend....

2 scalps and 2 wins in last 10 mins as lready posted for trade 1


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I rarely show small screen detail on entries here as i focus on teaching bigger picture .....

I have been calling cable from early morning - heres an example of 3 decent trades as it finally came bull again

Anyone can devise a robust entry/exit system once they know what pair to be on ...I am not really
here to teach that exact stuff as well........although maybe i will again one day



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