Cookie, just bought some IMG this morning


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Lots of buying so far this morning, including a MM buy of 100,000. And as you said to one of Iraj's posts, "For a recovery play Iraj you might like to take a look at (IMG) fundamentals are A1".

Anybody else following this one? Views appreciated.
Lots of solid buying all day long, price finallly heads north, now up 6.4%

928,032 buys, 231,868 sells, 140,136 as at 15:55
Good luck my friend.

Even though I mentioned this to Iraj and I believe it to be sound, no investment advice was intended.

I am glad it is moving in the right direction and really hope it does well for you and serves to proves that if we share our thoughts we can all profit together.

I have recently embarked on a fundamental research into the Software sector and taking aside the few which in the long term could be massive PTY,KWL,LOG,AIE etc, have studied those with low P/E ratios. Unfortunately although most have sound balance sheets, profitwise, at the moment, appear complete dogs. DCS, QSP, SYN, and even Uncles Touchstone is not too hot.

The only one which looks good is NetBenefit (NBT) and although I am not over confident with their business module the point I am trying to make is that had I posted this yesterday when they stood at 107 it appears they have dropped 5 points today.

It is great that we share our research, chartviews and investment thoughts but we must make up our own minds when and how to trade.

Good Luck

Aaaaargh! Sold my IMG a few days ago at 215 (small profit). Ah well, never mind, there are more cookies out there.

Up 16% so far today (263/270)
Brilliant !!

Sometimes we can get it right.

Its a touch job trying to keep up with ace traders like Riz, Y2k, Dayraider etc etc.....

Notice NetBenefit (NBT) has bombed from 107 down to about 75p. You can't believe that the famous Paul Kavanagh tipped this share back in March 2000 when it was at £21 !!!!!!!

Keep watching

good points..nice call

Good points Cookie and nice call on IMG..well done cookie and turbo...timing is the hardest bit, turbo..I am sure you'll get it much better next time..little profit is always better than any kind of loss..

In the mean time IMG went up 32.5 (14.1%) to 262.5 after saying it had entered an agreement with ARM to supply its graphics cores along with ARM's microprocessor cores...breaking a potential resistance point around 258 and crossing over BB which is also heading up...

It's still worth watching for further gains I think..even at 265 offer price I could see a lot of buys including 50k ones...

good luck

Watch it, rumour of imminent profs warning in the press..