For some reason, I tried to short ARM, but only my long greatful if someone could add it in for me....

Hehe...I am afraid they won't, since as far as I remember Sharky is long on arm :)

Another late night..

Hiya Titus, Riz

No probelm Titus, I did go long on ARM nearly two weeks ago, but it soon crashed through my stop loss.. and I jumped ship. Seems from the comp, that ARM is a favourite short, hmm.. now I wonder why that is ;-)


ps. Only shares I'm holding at the mo, are BLM, BT and PCM - BLM I opened a long position last week - with the results out on the 15th, she's got to move.. whether it's up or down, is anyone's guess. Doh! BT, I've been holding for years.. and meaning to send my certificates to DLJ Direct.. so I can sell them! Eek, seems like it might be a few more years before I sell. And of course PCM worth less than 10% of it's original value which is a little cross I bear to remind myself of the potential dangers of investing, in particular getting suckered by a HOT TIP!!!!! rather than through any meaningful personal analysis. Hmm, if only I knew then what I know now...
Too right......was thinking of having the words "Baltimore" tattoed on my person - probably the most expensive, yet most valuable lesson I have undergone. Turned me away from gambling the markets, into a grafter, having to work for my success....