Competition Starting 8th October


Unfortunately due to some technical problems we have only just got the competition page to accept entries for next week. So with an hour left if you still want to enter then please do so. I suspect that those people who would have entered this week have already tried to and may not have an opportunity now, if this is this case then we might have to postpone untill next week or starting Tuesday. If you don't get your entry for tonight's 12:00 deadline then leave you choices on this thread if its still before market open tomorrow.

Well done Flea for getting your entry in. Look likes its going to be a close contest then this week with just one entrant. Oh well Flea, best of luck.. though I suspect you have a good chance of coming first... and last!
Sharky, judging from todays performance, last looks most likely.

I hope things improve, it's not as though I can hide in the crowd.