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Skim or anyone,

If i want to check a company, do i have to pay £20 to companies House or is there a place to get free details on these people ??

thanks guys



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It will cost you £4 to download a company's accounts from, or £5 if you want the annual return as well.
You can do a free search at Companies House which will give you the bare bones, such as whether they're late in filing returns, etc. But if you want to know the actual figures then you'll need to pay the £4 or whatever. Use the URL.


Sorry to impose on this thread.

How can you trace a company when you have no idea of where that company originates?

Are there ways of doing this other than searching each durisdiction individually?

Some country's allow you to search their databases online, while with others it appears you need to pay a search fee to agents to do it for you.


It all depends on the legal status of the company, whether it's registered or not, and the country it operates out of.

There's virtually always a way of tracing a company which is a legal entity.

What company are you trying to trace, and what information do you already have?



The company is Ballure Trading.

They own a substantial amount of stock in Regal Petroleum. (RPT)

The only information I have is that they may operate out of Australia. (Could be a red herring)

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Have you tried the company registrars for Regal Petroleum? They have to keep the records of shareholders, so if it is in the name of Ballure Trading then it will be easy.

But if the stock is held in a nominee account, then you are unlikely to find out.

The name Ballure has strong connections with the Isle of Man, incidentally. Not that that is anything to go by, but Isle of Man has certain tax benefits, so there may be a connection.

The only other thing I would suggest is posting on an Australian stock trading board, to see if you can get any info from Oz.



Thanks for the help.

The only thing I haven't tried is Regal company registrars, so that will be my next step.
Your reference to nominee account tallies with my thoughts.

Kind regards

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