Commodities Trading Platform advice needed

Gordon Gekko

Best Commodities Trading Platform

Dear All

I hope I have not posted this in the wrong section but this is my first post so please forgive me if I have done so.

I would like to start trading commodities. Currently I paper trade using EOD data from tfc charts ( Their free charts are good for basic analysis.

However, I am looking to trade live on an infrequent basis. One trade a week on average. I am looking for a commodity trading platform that supports TA charts with EOD data and is preferably free from the broker. Thinking something along the lines of the Oanda FX trading platform (

Any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated.

Yours truly

EOD Data


For EOD data I use CSI ( and have found them very reliable over the past 4 years. They also claim to be very accurate - I think a copy of a 'Futures' magazine article praising them is on the website.

For TA I use Supercharts, a basic EOD version of Trade Station. It serves my rather basic needs admirably but I'm not sure its even available now.

Sorry its not free!