Hello all
I was wondering if anyone know of any cheap data feeds for US Commodities and future markets...
There are so many onthe net, its hard to tell which ones are good... Plus alot of them charge a huge amount a month (£ 1k+)(which is silly.. considering i just was EOD data).
I have tried prestel... but they are only a few, and for the European Futures markets..

Any pointers would be much appreciated..

I don't know about EOD, but if you want a cheap futures package for commods and futures FSxtra is fairly good, the final price depends on what exchanges you subscribe to in real time, but you also have access to all delayed data, so for an EOD system it should still be OK

Two contacts for you

Min Trehan 0207 979 5766 [email protected] or

Graham Dixon 0207 979 5707

They should be able to give you any details.

Sorry, I hadn't realised that they had fully switched over to the new product.

I use the previous version which is about a third of the price and costs me c£70 per month including a basic news feed (which being a TA I don't use!) plus my exchange fees into CBOT, ES, Liffe and Eurex.

I have just spoken to my acct manager and all new business is being done on the platinum product.

Apologies for any confusion.