Com-on This 20min Delay is Killing Me!



Com-On mate, how am i surpose to make my million £ a day quota with this delay, by the time i sell it's down, losing loads doing this, let's get a real data feed and let us Day-Traders do their thing. Just do your thing (wink, wink)! :)

PS: sorry about the cut -off call the other day, will call soon!

Loads of love
Hi Kev,

Would love a realtime feed, but need a generous donor to supply it ;) - 20 min delayed feeds works pretty well, just remember the trades are also delayed 20 mins - so its near realtime (as far as we can get it).

Nice to see you trading the comp, best of luck for next week.

No worrys about the call.. speak to you soon, hope u enjoyed the jubilee weekend.

delayed v realtime

you can get FREE realtime (on one chart only) on; you get 3 if you pay a fiver a month. Great site.

Must admit I'm also puzzled by the T2W delayed prices; my last trade buy was 'quoted' at "7 - 7.14"p (MONI) but went through at 7.38: are the prices not frozen as quoted, like a real online deal? The realtime price (on Prestel feed) was 7.24 at the time.

Surely if we use T2W 20-min delay prices as our guide, and the trade is delayed another 20 mins, thats 40 mins behind the action??
Hi Izzie, thanks for the info...

not quite right. If the feed is delayed 20 mins, then say at 1:00 - you get the price at 12:40 ... so if you make a trade at 1:00 you'd already know what way the price was going if you had access to a realtime feed. .. By making the trade at 1:00 but waiting 20 mins before processing, then we get a new quote at 1:20 which should be the price at about 1:00. Hence near-realtime.

I think what's confusing is the time of the trade on your portoflio shows the time it was processed, ie. 1:20 rather than the correct time as in the time you made the trade eg. 1:00 - it is confusing, but trust me it's the best solution without a realtime feed.

In order to get a realtime feed the only way to do that would be to charge entry to the competition or an annual membership fee, which I am very reluctant to do. Having a realtime feed which you can redistribute costs £££s unfortunately. But perhaps there's a generous donor out there????

It all seems quite logic to me.............You trade at 1 pm, but your trade doesnt show till 1.20. The only problem one might have is placing a trade out of hours, which i understand doesnt actually take place till 9 am - shown at 9 20. Now THIS can rock your boat depending on which way your trading and which way the price moves in the first hour.

If i got it wrong then please enlighten!!!

really realtime

I think what may be adding to the confusion is that if you trade at 1pm, then you should really be referring to a realtime quote for that stock at 1pm. That way, when it is executed at 1.20 pm, then it'll be pretty close to your quote at 1pm, as t2w uses a 20 minute delay. It would not be prudent to refer to the t2w price at execution. That's there just for a vague reference.
Dsmondi is right, the quote you get is really just an indication nothing more, the price you trade at could be very different. That's the main problem, not knowing what price you're trading at - hence you sould always refer to a site like ADVFN to check the price - and then that *should* be more or less what you trade - possibly a few mins either side.

Uncle is right also, trading out of hours you get the 9am price, but any earlier and you could be stung with a large spread.

really real real time

Thanks Sharky; well explained; I hadn't understood about the second price point; I'll experiment next week!