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Has anyone got an indicator that changes the colour of the candles when, specifically, either a non lag or zero lag moving average crosses?
I definitely have seen candles that are coloured when a 'normal moving average' cross but cannot find a non/zero lag indicator.
Appreciate any help.


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what is a "zero lag" MA? they all lag because they based on historical price aren't they?


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There's two sorts of lag pip.

Yes, all MA prints lag price because they are an average of the sums of the prices over the defined period. So, 200 prices for a 200MA: therefore, even if every one of the 200 prices went higher than all the previous prices, today's MA value would be less than today's price and the MA would "terminate" on today's bar. This is the conventional lagged display of the MA.

An unlagged display of the MA is hardly ever seen, as the last MA value will be the same as on the lagged display, but the date will be way back in the middle of the defined time period. This is of course useless for trading in the here and now so its almost never seen on a price chart. But its only the display that is unlagged, not the value of the MA.

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There is also an indicator known as a zero lag exponential moving average which is basically the exponential moving average of the exponential moving average. Also a zero lag moving average --> moving average of a moving average. Not things I am very familiar with myself or that I have ever used, but I am thinking that is what TEAMTRADER is looking for.
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