Candle colours & psychology


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Maybe you could swap them so that red is bullish and green is bearish and see how it affects your trading. Maybe that's the trick to it!
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guns don't kill people, death kills people...

it's the structure agency debate and is way too big to discuss here and ... RAWR SKYRIM!1!!1!!shift!!one!!

so do different colour candles affect your trading psychology?
I knew the cake was a lie! :cry:

As for the sticks, no idea, but Beginner Joe says that black is death because rotting flesh is black. So, therefore, with a simple algebraic equation times pie divided by infinity minus 1, we can deduce that the colors of sticks may affect some people's trading.

But we will need more funding to find any conclusive proof.


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I use Red/Green and I do find the Red jumps out more so than the Green, but I wonder if this plays tricks in the mind...:whistling

Maybe you should try medium blue or blue (MT4) - it may jump out more than the green.


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Maybe you should try medium blue or blue (MT4) - it may jump out more than the green.
I find that the red candles scream at me louder, err..or maybe that's me screaming at them? Anyways, there seems to be more noise when red candles appear.

Maybe I should change them all to green?

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