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So far all it's showing is that it's not a good idea to over trade. So might not end up being the advert that they want it to be.



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Overall, it looks like they're doing far worse than if they'd entered random trades. This should be a great source of inspiration and lulz.


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lol.. these guys are over day trading the FTSE from a spread bet account.. been there done that.. lol.

i thought City Index may fix it so at least one person makes a respectable return.. they still might do that.. but its not going to end well if they continue to over trade like this.

Is it going to be the case of the guy who loses the least takes home the 100K? In which case a sensible strategy might just be to stay as close to break even until the end.
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ahh, fuel for the roflcopter :LOL:



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They all seemed to have stopped tweeting since last week. Maybe they've pulled the plug on it already.


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Maybe they've all stopped trading because they realise the only way they are going win is not to trade.

Personally I can't believe they'd even try this. Any experienced trader would know you can't teach newbies to trade successfully in such a short time. Perhaps if they took on 1000 candidates then a few would make a lot of money - by chance. But only 8 - pretty low odds in my opinion.

You can't replace the experience of making mistakes, taking losses and witnessing live price action first hand that seems to be moving in defiance of common sense.

I think city index could come out of this looking pretty bad.
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