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Hi, I'm intending to day trade (part time for now) using spread betting as my trading vehicle. However, I'm having difficulties finding some charting software that shows candlestick charts along with EMA's, Bollinger Bands and volume without costing a fortune. Can anyone recommend some reliable software that fits the above.

I use

Linnsoft and Mytrack

www.linnsoft .com
and here is what you can do with futures.


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Has anyone used the Sharescpe real time charting service?.I am looking for a real time service that covers the Uk markets .any suggestions?. J Shepherd
Hi J.

I was using sharescope EOD and found it great, but the real-time was far too expense and the charting features are very limited :(
For UK I use with a feed. :)

It's about £35 a month I think for mytrack and £30 for six months of sierrachart.
I personnally think this is the best and cheapest combination possible.


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FTSE Beater

Is Sierra and Mytrack suitable for US trading?


And Mad dog:
Sierra and IB are American.
Different subs per month though for whichever market you chose.


Thanks for your info.Iam using Sharescope EOD prices.I want to go real time soon and am picking up lots of useful info from this site.To start I need real time and am Spread Betting but think I must change to IB in the future.
Is mytrack a IB company?.

Thanks again just finding my way round trade 2 win site :)
Hi Madog

Is Sierra and Mytrack suitable for US trading?
Yep :) - That's what I'm using to trade the US markets, and there's no UK exchange fees :D

Hi J

Is mytrack a IB company?.
Mytrack I believe is part of MyBroker. The IB data feed doesn't have back data, so if your scalping it is probably ok, but I prefer to have all the data possible. :)

Thanks ftsebeater and options.
Have clicked on Mytrack and Sierra and have copied to my Favorites for future ref
I`m having trouble with the myTrack download on both of my computers.
`extact failed return from extract= .7`
Anybody having the same trouble?

I use Sierra Chart with a my track data feed. I day trade UK, German and US stocks and the package does exactly what I need it to do. It also allows you to build your own indicators and scans.

very simple to use, very flexible and very cheap for what you get - believe me I spent ages trying to find the right software
If you only need a basic charting package and don't want to pay, why not use the data fed into your trading platform.
Quite easy using some GUI software (VB, V C++) but will take a couple of weeks to develop.
You can then write the software to show exactly what you want ie P&F, candles or whatever you're into and associated indicators.
I use the WINSOCK Windows API function to get my data from the trading platform.
I also store the key indicies data every minute and key stock prices every hour.
Not sure if its OK to do this and is subject to the platform being redisgned as my data pickup is all positional.
I'm sure you could probably use the chart function within excel and use VBSCIPT to redtrieve that data.

Just an idea but good fun if you have the time though.
Are these websites good for ...let's say tracking real-time streaming chart for S&P 500, in order to use for spread-bet?
I'm interested only in a good real-time chart for S&P 500, where can I find it, good value, not expensive but good quality?
Thanks a lot!

If you cannot afford any of the above packages then you should not be trading.

Save some money until you have a stake and enough cash for a years supply of charting data and software.

In short, you cannot trade with "scared" money.