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Trading the evening Dow with CT or CTA

Hi there

I would be interested to hear about peoples experiences of trading the last few hours of the Dow using CT or CTA, both positive and negative.

I am considering starting using CT by trading the last few hours of the Dow after I finish work on an evening.

Any feedback will be greatfully received,



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Just to reiterate what was said in an earlier post (and to support poor Mr CT)...

Mr CT does actually talk about using tight intraday stops (though on his website, not in his book) to get out if the market moves against you (on the FTSE he uses 20 point stops). The idea is that you get stopped out if the market moves against you and then reenter if it moves back in your favour and crosses your entry signal again. This is the same concept as Signalwatch - enter, stop, enter, stop, enter, stop, giveup.

It is therefore not valid to use end of day data to measure the CT formula's performance. If you add in your intraday stops then his performance could be better or worse then predicted by an end of day measurement.


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champion trader

I have recently purchased C.T. and I am not sure when checking
for the trend which periods give the best results. I am using
at the minute a 3month, daily. for the long term trend and
1day,15min for the short term trend, and they dont always agree
this is for intraday, I suppose for position trading it is maybe
better going to smething like 6 months.weekly. on another
point I am finding that the Tradindex spread for daily bears no
relationship to live prices, anybody else notice?

Dr Mike

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In general the index prices used by spreadbetting companies are based on the prices of the "futures" ard therefore rarely correspond with the indexes you see on web sites.

There are quite extensive discussions on this elsewhere on the site.

If you wish to trade the FTSE index intraday you need to get access to a live futures chart or use D4F who have live charts and a very low spread.



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Live prices

Dr Mike, Thanks for the info, you mentioned D4F I have just

sent off an app. form to Finspreads I assume they

will have all the same facilitys asD4F. Regards, eddyjo.

Dr Mike

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I have accounts with both Fins and D4F, as far as I can see the only advantages of Fins are:-

1. you can bet as low as 1p per point during your first 8 weeks.

2. You can bet smaller amounts on the S & P 500

3. Less High powered PC required.

4. Statement easier to read.

D4F has these advantages:-

1. Charts are real time (Fins are delayed)

2. Spreads are much smaller

3. Prices constantly updated (with Fins you may be given a new price before you deal.)

4. Both Limit and stop orders can be set (Fins only stops, and not on the cheap(first 8 weeks) bets

So it may be the best thing to do is use Fins for 8 weeks for experimental purposes and if you want to take it up seriously consider trying D4F



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Dr Mike, Thanks again, I am planning to do position trading until
I get my system/plan sorted out so real time prices are not so
important, so I think your suggestion to use fins for the first
eight weeks is the answer. Ej.


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Champion Trader?

Can somebody please give me the Email address of the manual
"Champion Trader".?


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Hi eddtjo

The email address I have for Champion Trader UK is

[email protected]

Have you bought it, if not I would say save your money


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Hi juanbyte, Thanks, yes I bought the Ist vol. and then ordered
the second vol, which has'nt arrived after two weeks. I have'nt
had a chance to test the formula for real yet because the SMA
is still rising but the underlying is falling. Checking back charts
the formula seems to give good entry signals.


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did i hear moving averages?!

no! i can actually see them!

don't use moving averages! trends are only trends after they have happened! as their name suggests they are just averages.

you need to move onto the indicators that have more of a supply and demand principle behind how they work, as well as a range in which your product should be trading in like pricing channels.

i started off looking at moving averages, but after a lot of testing with them, realised that they don't work well. even with the triple moving exponential average system TEMA you still make a lot of false trades.

the market is based on the actual numbers than averaged ones, so any indicator you use should not augment the actual numbers too much. keep your system as raw and as simple as possible.

compare it to F1 racing. better drivers prefer a stiffer car so they can feel more of what it is doing. it is more difficult to drive but it is inevitably faster around the track.


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Ive been using the cta but had to change the rules around a bit to fit my own personality.

I find it does seem to get alot of the entries right but the exit is rubbish. I just exit once i achieved a set target.

have a nice day



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So, is there someone out there making consistent profits using the formula from the manual?, if so , let us know


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The Holy Grail: "Those who would search it out for its truths will always be touched by the knowledge that the search brings with it." (Source:

"I think it all depends on whether you are looking for a) THE Holy Grail, or b) YOUR Holy Grail. The former doesn't exist, the latter does." Skimbleshanks. I would shade this a little.

My questions would be threefold.
1. If a system/approach works well for you, is that YOUR Holy Grail?
2. But can you still acknowledge that someone else may have a more effective system/knowledge who would then have a superior Holy Grail?
3. Finally if a person can be doing much better than another who thinks he/she has his/her Holy Grail can anyone say there is not a HOLY GRAIL?

The HOLY GRAIL beckons!
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