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I am offten asked questions like " How much money can I make ?" " How much money do I need to make a living in trading ?" all difficult questions to answer objectively.

My challenge is to take a pot of £2,000 and trade it with a spreadbetter, with the goal of providing an income equivalent to that of a worker in a high street store. The time frame for this is one year.

Having looked at various spreadbetters I am looking for any recomendations you may have

The criteria is :
They must allow stop losses to be moved
They must allow limit buy and limit sell orders to be active at the same time away from the current price
They must allow a small amount per point ( this would currently rule out City Index and IG index as theirs are £3 and £2 respectively)
They must have an online platform that once logged in you stay logged in with no need to re-enter password before trade
The quotes must update in real time
There must be no more than 2 clicks to trade

At the moment the favorite seems to be finspreads but I am welcome to all suggestions


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Why not make it tougher, say turn £5 into £1,000,000 by Christmas?
Sorry, but this strikes me as an unrealistic target for the vast majority of traders - some might well manage it, but you're basically suggesting a monthly income after 12 months trading that is equivalent to (I'm guessing) total original stake.
Trading, like any profession, is going to pay the best people top whack, and the worst people get peanuts (actually they get their houses taken off them, and tend to end up single).
Start with 2k and make 2k a month after a year AND there are other conditions? Crikey, if you manage it let me know, I'll send you £100k to play with for me!
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