CFTR Associates Limited - Any good or a Con ?

Finch Royal

Has anyone ever heard of these people ?

I saw an advert in the Shares magazine, and they offered training to complete novices like me with regard to learning how to spread bet on the stock market. I sent off for a free information pack and they sent some stuff through about the courses they offer etc. They claim that their top student earn £12k a week on the stock market through spread betting. And many earn £1k a week.

I am tempted to go on one of their courses but would like some reassurances before parting with £700 as io have heard of many con merchants (like Darren Winters) where they promise you will earn £X000's if you follow their streategies. Has anyone ever heard of this comepany and if so, do you reccomend them or advise to steer clear, if so, why ?

Thanks... and apologies for not doing my homework and looking to see if there was a thread on this topic already !