Article The Casino Mentality In Trading

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Financial markets attract all sorts of participants, from part-time hobbyists looking for extra cash to multinational institutions moving billions of dollars across thousands of instruments. The trading game stretches across both ends of the spectrum, with part-timers and at-home gamers competing for profits with traditional funds and lightning-fast computer algorithms.
Data suggest the majority of traders playing at the shallow end of the market pool will eventually fail at the endeavor and pick up stakes, letting someone else manage their money, or simply giving up and looking for another way to build wealth. Ironically, many of these folks never had a chance to succeed because they came into the game with a casino mentality that marked a direct path to failure.
What exactly is a casino mentality and how does it undermine the trader’s quest for profitability? Is this flawed approach limited to novices or do experienced traders also get caught up in the behavior? What’s the most...
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I agree with many things, but there is also something I want to argue with. Yes, gambling is something very unstable. But doesn’t this all help you to develop in yourself the ability to predict the next move? For trade, as for me, this is an important factor. Of course, everything also depends on the life experience that everyone accumulates over the years.
Hopelessness is no place here. There is always a chance to win. For example, is a vivid example of this. After this site I have lost the doubt that I can do something, I can achieve something. And note, this does not hinder me from realizing myself in trading, but ,on the contrary, helps me achieve high goals. That's why, believe first of all in yourself!
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