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Psychology: Most traders neglect one of the most important parts of trading:  The psychology of the game. How mentally prepared are you for the trials and tribulations that are important in the trading activity?
After a few trading experiences it becomes obvious how important your mental approach (psychology) is to the market.  In fact, your trading success, the difference between winning and losing, depends upon your mental attitude.  It is the main factor, before anything else, that determines whether you win or lose.
It is obvious how much training is necessary to learn the technical aspects of trading.  Hundreds of books and courses have been written on every tiny aspect of trading, each with something worthwhile.  The internet barrages us daily with the latest and greatest method or system, the “Holy Grail,” we all seek.  A review of pitches on the net reveal hundreds of technical offerings for every ONE emotional piece, mental preparedness, psychology studies, etc.!  Fewer...

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I just checked the Guidelines at offered free on many trading subjects! This is a very generous author.


Keeping a level head

This was a wonderful reminder about how to keep a level head even with all the ups and downs that come with trading (by the nature of the beast). Knowing that our reactions are normal can help us remember to choose to be conscious and intentional in the way we respond. I love the part when Bob says, "<span>Since we will both win and lose, big winners outshine small losses every time." This gives us permisson to have losses, and still be profitable traders. No need to fret the cycle - just go with it, and win again!</span>
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