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Would like to see if there is anyone previous from on this thread who is willing to sell on a copy of the PIE pdfs for a price?
many thanks


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Hi George,

It does work providing you’re not too greedy, but don’t expect to earn anywhere near the 2% pm they claim you can make. It’s a strategy which has been around for a long time and widely known, and the PIE ‘creators’ have applied some gloss, clever marketing and judging by the comments on here have also ‘borrowed’ a few ideas from other traders and then charge £3k a pop.

I sold the PDfs, but if you contact he might have an unlocked set available for you
3K for a dubious course ? Anyone who pays that much must be desperate or nuts.
2% per month is really poor returns too.


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Been eyeing this up for the last few years but never taken the plunge due to the £3k price tag, if anyone is selling a copy then please let me know?




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Hi Mike, If you're interested I've got a copy. Easy and very low risk method aiming for 25% a year without having to worry about which stocks etc to buy.


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If anybody is happy to share his manual, I am curious to see how it is risk-free. From this thread, and other advertising material on the web, seems they are using the selling of out of money options to generate a small consistent return, but that is not risk-free. I regularly trade in options so i am keen to see how valid is their claim.


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You got it right, it's not risk-free no matter what anyone says. If anyone is dealing in options, then there is risk attached to that.
How much risk will depend upon the type of trade and the bigger the perceived risk, the bigger the potential reward, which I'm sure you are already familiar with. Likewise, the lower the risk and the lower the reward etc.
You've probably a good idea of the concept already, it's not new, so it's probably not worth your while in shelling out the £3k


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Mine dates from 2016 - the concept remains the same, you only need to update the monthly data. PM me on if you'd like to follow up.

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