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"i wonder how much longer i can keep this 'Lord Jamba' troll going.."
"hmmmmm Angel futures are up"

Just in case anyone was wondering. Angel futures are one of the things you trade in heaven :cheesy:
Madame Tussauds "Pope Candles" are becoming amazingly lifelike.
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WAHEY!! Look at the t!t$ on that!!!, errr, ahem...ah yes, be with you in a moment, I've nearly finished writing next years Papal address.

Jeeez, just when I want to short the Church of England, IG's platform goes down again!!
Will they never guess Blair and Bush are my computer controlled robots! Time for another Pretzel-choking incident I think.
Whose idea was it to Set up this how to assemble flat-pack furniture helpline?
His Holiness is overwhelmed by the response to his first e-bay auction of indulgences.
His Holiness is visibly contrite,when after being given a demonstration of the world's first truely artificial intelligence program,he accidentally presses the delete button.
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"All Yuo Religious Assholes Don't Know What The F*** Yuo're Talking About" by God, only $15.99 on What a bargin! Ra!"
The Pope is dismayed when 'Papa Don't Preach' is playing when he first tunes into web radio.
When asked to join a web-cast with the White-house the Pope misunderstood, yet even he couldn't exorcise George W.
His Holiness was incredulous at the number of penile enhancement and bigger breasts offers he had received by email. He could only ponder who had tipped them off.
Damn thing's useless. !
Spell check doesnt know latin.
it only does Greek and Hebrew.

thanks a lot dad
...So the odd's of me not praying for world peace again on Sunday are a 1000/1 on we'll see about that on Sunday's sermon!!