Cantor Index "technical issues"


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Hi all,

I would just like to issue a warning to anyone planning to open an account with Cantor Index for spread betting.

At precisely 14.30 7th September the online trading facility go's down for about 15 mins, no coincidence that this is when Wall Street opens after the long weekend taking into consideration the US labour rest day. The next "technical issue" as its described by the web support team occurs 1 minute into Alan Greenspan's speech 8th September on the US economy.... When the online trading facility come's back online after about 10 mins, Sterling has risen over a cent after being flat for the last 5 hours.... aswell as other fundamental shifts in other market sectors.

I do realise that people can still trade on the phone, but for anyone who does not have a live data feed who is relying on Cantor for data, they are being screwed over. This is obviously quite a disgraceful set of "technical issues" that Cantor are supposedly experiancing.

I would have posted this in the reviews section, but for some reason I can not access that area, and felt so strongly I had to post here instead. I had waited all day for the market opportunities that were going to occur in particular around Greenspans speech, and Cantor have just quite blatantly taken the ****.


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bit surprised you deal with cantors

their prices are the widest in the SB market , their trading platform goes down more frequently that any of the others and they have fewer products online than the other SB companies.

I commented many months ago on the review section basically saying the same as you.

Find another SB company (i use Capital Spreads and dont have any problems) but I understand the others are reasonable as well.



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Similar issue with D4F

Mid afternoon today, (didn't notice the time) my automatic trading with D4F ceased. I phoned them and they said they had technical difficulties. I left trading alone, and an hour later it was OK. Coincidence??


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Iam definately looking for another SB firm after these last 2 days. I cannot comment on the similar experiance with D4F because the timing of these events are critical, however, Cantor's Pulse trading facilty is going down at precisely the times it is easy to make a quick few hundred quid. Its obvious what direction the currencies were going to go when Greenspan made his comments regarding inflation, and the people at Cantor know this fine well too, hence the "technical issues" just when the time to make an entry on the market were at there most favourable to the trader.


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Closed my Cantor account a few months ago when they insisted I send them two pieces of ID in order to keep the account from being frozen. The reason? In order to prevent the account being used for money-laundering. How it could possibly be used in that manner when I hadn't placed a spreadbet for several months and the only cash transaction on the account had been the initial £1000 deposit I had made is simply beyond me. I immediately sent them a sarcastic letter and closed the account and opened one with another firm. I've been very happy trading with it ever since.
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