Can broker manipulate our SL & TP in their favor?


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I was watching this thread Where thread starter said how he got cheated. Broker re quoted the price on next day, after his trade got closed! It was for spread betting. My concern is about spot trading.

Suppose if I trade with a regulated broker & i had my trade open with a stops & target, in the meantime a crash happened in the market & I got stopped out. But can the broker re quote & manipulate the whole thing & put me in margin call under such situation? I don't trade USD/CHF. But crash can happen anytime isn't? That's why wondering. If somebody has large savings on their account, then what will happen, can we sue the broker for this, being an international client?

Looking for your view.


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Well a lot of brokers do that, most of them unregulated. However some regulated brokers sometimes play that game as well. If they do, you need to file a complaint to the regulatory body. It could take loads of nervs and ages to get your money back
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Abeer Saba

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hi sun11,

its unfortunate when it comes to brokers these days answering to your question, yes brokers could manipulate the price but they can not move it quite much they can stop hunt you especially if they were market makers broker type & no you can not sue them you will lose as they will have it written in terms and conditions of the service in their site already !!

regards re quote if the broker were a market maker type yes they will re quote !! the stp/ecn brokers type usually have no conflict of interest policy still you gonna have to ask them & capture the answer as an evidence .

hope that helps, if you have any questions i will be happy to help !!

Good Luck !!
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