Cambridge Antibody (CAT)


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From a TA point of view I am closely eyeing this one once again.....sound company with lots of goodies in the pipeline. Have resistance at 3538, up 42.5 today to 3118 and indicators showing positive.

What do others think?

I think it's a tricky one . I see at leat 3 options for resistance: 3245;3392;3727 and support at 2993.
There's a lot of permutations I wouln't like to call it.Up, yes, how far? Pass....
John,Thought i'd refresh this.
I've been searching to find the reason for the fall...2037 mid now. I know nothing about this one so would probably not buy but looking at the basic indicators it's screaming out at me to have a punt.
Any change in direction would be very tempting.

Am still confident of this company producing the goods. However I do not see a buying opportunity yet. At the time of writing this the price is down to 1995. My next support line is at 1538. Be patient, we will once again make money out of this one.

Best wishes

OK, thanks for that...i've got this one in the same folder as LOG... massive potential gains but caution rules.
Good luck
Spot on John...down another 135...if this goes anywhere near your support there could be massive potential.
Keep watching and wait for the opportunity, no rush, for there will be plenty in it when it reverses.

@ 1600 it's looking tempting.

I'm just not sure that recent historic TA support and resistance levels will necessarily count for much at the moment, when so little seems to be company specific.

All is now NAS controlled, in the tech/biotech arena.

Still watching for now, and won't necessarily buy even if it reaches 1538. (I'll be very tempted though)

If 1600 looks tempting, how about 1300, for thats where it is at the time of this post. The big question now is how low can it get before a reversal.

I agree that TA means little in these difficult times, but for the patient ones, profits will abound in time. Yes this poses another question, how much time. Well, your guess is as good as anybody elses, but I think we have to wait for the markets worldwide to stabalise and then hopefully see that long awaited upturn.

Take care its a dangerous place out there.

Yes John, wise counsel. It's impossible to call anything at present.

It's now official, we're in a Bear market, with the Ft down 20%. Where we go from here can only be a guess.

Thank God I didn't long CAT yesterday!!

Fine company though, fully agree with you re long term rewards if we manage to catch the bottom. (wherever that resides these days)

Closed up 14.4% @ 1530... did anyone have the bottle?
Is it a solid reversal or will it turn back down....time to get the lucky coin out i think.
Maybe watching at the moment, need a few points to drive my indicators to the point of entering, then watch it like a hawk.

Lucky coin needed indeed for this one at present IMO.

Irrespective of any chart indicators I would now, due to general market nervousness, feel inclined to short it on any meaningful move north, ie but for the spread, which is often the killer to trading this one. I'd have to be pretty convinced of at least a 300pt move.

Long term, now looks a tempting time to accumulate stock though.

Just read this on sharecast

Cambridge Antibody falls 50% in March

By Stephen Cull
Fri 23 Mar 2001

UK biotech bellweather Cambridge Antibody Technology (CAT) has fallen more than 50% this month following a dramatic decline in market confidence particularly amongst institutional and foreign investors.

The antibody specialist's shares fell a further 15% yesterday and institutional investor Searle Belgium SA sold 356,137 shares, or 1% of issued equity.

The shares have fallen from £32 at the start of March to £13.50 at market close yesterday. This values the former billion pound company at just £474m.

Beeson Gregory analyst Julie Simmonds said that at this price CAT was beginning to look interesting again but said she had thought the price would have stabilised when it hit £15.

The company listed on the Nasdaq last December and Simmonds suspects that the sharp decline in CAT’s share price is in part due to US investors reducing their exposure to foreign currencies.

However, there were signs yesterday that institutional investors were returning to the stock following at least two one-million pound purchases of the shares.


Couldn't resist looking in to say well done, that was the neatest piece of timing I've seen for a while, mind you it needed to be on a spread of 130.

Spread was exactly 100 when i moved in at 1600, so far so good.....not much volume, watching it closely, but all things being equal still a bit more to come yet, I hope.
Good for you John. I missed out, the spread put me off. had a punt on SHP though and that looks ok.
SHP was mentioned on 'working lunch'. Adam, i think, said professional shorters had been caught out and were having to close their positions hence the rise. Whatever both of these are quality stocks.