Cable Fisherman system by Valentin


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Hello dear traders, after few months nice profiting with one of my systems i decide to share and explain here in this forum with you.
System looks very simple , without indicators i am using only one tool -
Fibonacci Chanel with changed levels(anyway its not so simple like it looks)

I named this system Cable Fisherman, since i love fishing and i was Fisherman on my young years , but also this system looks like fishing since i am using some kind of grid where i am patiently waiting the cable(GBPUSD) to hunt in my grid.

We will use GBPUSD M15 chart , and every day we have 3-4 trades
2 swings and 2 scalps mostly or 1 swing 1 scalp, 3swinngs 3 scalps...

Start explanation on 2nd post!


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Ok i will attach now 3 screens for start what you need to do !

Like i say GBPUSD M15 chart, lets create fisherman's grid :


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Ok now the most important part !

Before we start drawing the fibonacci channel on the chart, we must know how and where to draw correct!

We all know what is 123 pattern or triangle pattern right?
So in lower timeframe , in this case M15 we can find every day 123 or triangle pattern on every pair, but we take Cable(GU) because this pair most respect the quarter levels.
I say quarter because our fibonacci channel modified will use some kind of quarter levels.

Ok back to main theme, lets find some examples of 123 or triangle patterns, like i say they are most important for this strategy.

Here is example with screen of 123 or triangle patterns(we have non stop 123 patterns in different mode)


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