BVC looks serious...


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Batm Advanced(BVC), an Israeli manufacturer for data communications equipment, London-listed, whose shares reached 765p last year only to dip down to 75p after warning on revenues last December...up +7.5 (7.4%) 108.5 on Friday after announcing that:

"Each of our key trading indicators gives us reasonable confidence that we shall achieve our objectives for the full year."

and that the difficulties in the telecommunications sector had not hit business as much as expected...

And also announcing a strategic alliance with Siemens, and an 'extensive' supply agreement with a Scandinavian equipment provider that they haven't named yet...

Having a look at the chart and indicators, while considering that they had previously predicted 40% top-line growth for this year and the 2 new deals, one doesn't rule out the possibility of BVC breaking through 110 resistance and next week and head for the strongest resistance of 170 formed in January...

I have no positions on this one but we'll be watching closely next week..see the price bouncing from the 10 day MA and stochastics and momentum forming an upward channel while RSI still being flat..and the volume spike on friday price rise...

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I have good memories of BVC and the photonic switch - not to mention the roller coaster ride on the share price.

The price is nestling under that 110p support/resistance level and does look ready to surge - not quite a morning star but a nice gap up on good volume.

it won't take much to move this one.
Looks like the MMs have made a killing on this. I'd love to know at what price and when they acquired the shares they sold on friday.
I agree it does look hot but what about mid east tension, this compounded the woes of the profit warning. Maybe not that important, i remember reading somewhere that they could move lock, stock and barrel if conditions became intolerable.
Well worth the watch on Monday.
This was one of Cookies babies... by the way, anyone know what happened to the rascal, he disappeared at eastertime. Hope he's not gone the same way as Marks' shares :)

This one didn't make it, Steve...ended the week at 97...well maybe we'll catch up with another bounce, I didn't get in anyway...your talking about the way Mark's shares gone startled me :)