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I was looking at buying a minibus to be able to transport my son in his wheelchair. Found a few good ones, but no one seems to give any kind of warranty with their vans. So basically if it goes wrong they say I dont have much come back (okay they say it won't, but heard that before).

Personally warranty or no warranty, I believe there is some come back under the sales of goods act. Had a problem before with a car - Engine siezed after 6 weeks and AA said problem had been developing for a while and because it was sold with the problem and failed to do as it was supposed to I had come back. So I threatened the garage with legal action and gave them 7 days to respond. Sixth day, the MD called and asked me to come and choose another car.

Does anyone know with a van/minibus, weather I have any comeback on it if there is a major problem? It wont be on finance (I know that would give me some rights).


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I don’t really know anything about this, but shouldn’t your son be entitled to Disability Living Allowance and/or be eligible for the Motability Scheme, if he’s “bound” to a wheelchair?

Why don’t you check this out: - it could be worth your while? I hope this is useful to you and I wish you luck with it.




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The sale of goods act will give you some comeback if you buy from a Company as the goods have to be fit for purpose. However this is Wooly.

There are other options:

1) Get the vehicle inspected by the RAC/AA prior to purchase
2) Take out an independant warranty. They usually just require the car/van to be serviced by a VAT registered Garage at the service interval.

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