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I am thinking of purchasing the following book "The Disciplined Trader" by Mark Douglas... if any of you have read it, how would you rate it? please let me have your views. ;)

many thanks
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Yes I have it and it is very good although a little tedious sometimes, (for me anyway). I got it very cheap on
and it was delivered the next day.


Hi Stocktrader,

I'm about half way through it. At the current time my main issues with trading are not about TA/Analysis etc but about my own internal agendas. This book deals with them very well.

I should finish it over the weekend and I'lll let you know what I think.
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Hello stocktrader,

I read the book when i started trading, it gives one of the best insights of how the mind works, which if you understand will help your trading immensly. Also it is the sort of book you will learn more from as your experience grows. Worth a read.
Paul, Helen & Scrappy - many thanks for your feedback, yes it is a known fact that trading is 20%TA & 80%psychological and my trading I'd say is the opposite, I've done far too much in TA and very little on psychology & was not too sure if this book might be a good start...Helen, it'll also be interesting to have your final view once you've read it.