Browser Problems with T2W


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I had read a post where someone mentioned a problem with their browser and T2W, then I noticed a difficulty that I had myself, so I thought that I would mention it here.

Maybe some of the tech guys can make some adjustments, maybe not. But it's worth mentioning.

I thought that if some other had browser problems with this site then it would be helpful to mention them here.

Let the tech folks know what browser and version you are using and which operating system you are running. To find out which version of browser you are using look under your browser menus 'Help' > 'About' you will normally find it there.
I have a problem with the spell check on the browser built into my RSS programme.

Quite simply the Spell Check button does nothing when you press it.

- Windows XP Home
- RSS Bandit (
Spell check on XP Pro browser

Hope this is the correct location for the post.
I have lost the ability to spell check from the browser. It did work but now has stopped.
I have 3 machines and the situation exists on all 3.
Op sys = XP Pro with auto update.
McAfee firewall and virus scan, auto update.
I get either WSIWYG editor initialized for internet explorer in 0.71 (or other very low random number)
error on page
Both messages at the bottom of the browser screen
The other 2 buttons work fine

Please help as typing in Word and then pasting into the tread is tedious.