Boiler Room Scams


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Universal Taxation Strategies

This is a New Name the scammers are now using, at least I got to hear about it a couple of days ago ;

Universal Taxation Strategies
Umeda Sky
1-1 Oyodanaka Kita-ku
Osaka-shi 531-6023
Osaka, Japan
Tel.No + 81 6 4560 4972

Olivia Baker
Legal Compliance

With Offices (!) in Italy
Palazzo Eni
Passeggiata del Giappone
00144 Roma RM, Italy

Universal Taxation Strategies connects to Carlton Church a notorious Boiler Room Scammers that has been around for some years now.

I only hope you looked into this forum BEFORE you parted with your hard earned money !


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One of the persons harmed by Standard Fidelity back in 2017 has recently, Feb. 2019, been contacted by an entity posing as
Yokohama Daisan Management allegedly operating from Shanghai/Osaka.
Because "suckkers lists" are sometimes traded between gangs this does not necessarily mean that the same persons are behind this scheme though it would not be such a big surprise if this on-going cold-calling-scheme through VoIP-Tracing software and through the banks used to launder the money, ultimatedly can likewise be traced to Manila.
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I get these all the time, just now found this site so at least I have a place to post this.

Midway Management
They have insider info and will earn you unprecedented tax-free profits! Especially pushing CRON

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What do they say and why is this a scam?
See here for their pitch: - they operate exactly like these companies do. A very convincing senior portfolio manager called me out of the blue this morning from a +85 (Hong Kong) number. He had a british accent and spent an hour trying to get me signed up as one of their clients so they can make me a 50% gain in 3 months by investing in CRON. Midway Management apparently has averaged gains of over 45% a year for all their clients for years. He claims they have information not publicly known, and that since they are in Hong Kong that the gains would be tax free. And that they are, of course, a 100% legal, well established company. His script was nearly identical to ones that I have heard a few times already from other 'Senior Portfolio Managers' from other HK companies that randomly called my cell phone to get me to bite.
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