BMM's at it again


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Bastard Market Manipulators !!!!!

KCOM today - Buys outnumber Sells by over 2 to 1 and share price loses 15% of its value. At 144 Ask is probably a 52 week low I should imagine.

Will it keep on going down or can we expect a little bounce tommorrow ????

Thinking Caps and Crystal Balls excepted.

Cookie (I am not a holder)
Jumpimng up and down.
Hi Cookie,

They do it every d... day I am afraid...kcom share price has always been crazy or they make it crazy anyway...gained over 15% in 2 days and lost most of it in a day...I was enjoying the ride, got in on Monday out today giving away part of my profit, but we'll be watching like a hawk tomorrow if Nas doesn't go down it however and never hold this one long...

good luck