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Why do so many people spend their lives analysing Large-Mid cap companies perspectives?

When truly with enough determination, logistical knowhow and simple fundamental analysis, penny stocks should be, 'The be all and end all'?

If one can be provided a stock with a positive PEG/PE with a low share price and increasing growth then 'WHY WOULD YOU NOT INVEST IN THEM?'

It may sound illogical to some. Especially profound traders with technical know how and a lack of optimism. But, i am just wondering why with all the available software out there why we don't focus on the little companies any more.

Yes well done apple can double in value over a year, because, of its fundamentals etc. and who would ever doubt apples viability? (definitely not me). But, what says that the super efficient new supermarket, coffee shop, clothes store that needed to raise a few bucks isn't the next WallMart, Starbucks or AF? they are all brands that grew out of nothing........

I may be wrong and would like to be proved wrong. But, does one not think that with enough fundamental analysis that the penny stocks as a liability could be justified? Especially as one is allowed to meet the directors, share holders, brokers etc.

I would love some opinions..

Thanks in advance.
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