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Came across BOI when i did a "60 day high" exporation(Metastock)
Interesting chart - new high, trendline breakout, reasonable volume and testing 45.5 resistance.

RSI and Stochastics show overbought as you would expect but other indicators more positive (OBV, q-stick) and for candlestick fans very close to being 3 white Soldiers (bullish).

Recent news with results in March OK and proposed share buyback.

What do you think?

I hope this chart shows up:
looks like a Saturn V (remember them?).

Your observations look good tortioise. Wait for the pullback and jump on board for the ride.
Yes..obvious break through as a result of possible bid by Celsis (no idea about a bid price), shares buy back...Shares Magasine tipped them a couple of weeks ago with a price target of 50p for 2001...almost there however...overbought, retracement imminenet therefore if not supported with more news...attaching a chart to view price movement, M.A., and lower indicators...



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Nice looking chart on a daily basis and looking encouraging from a weekly perspective.
Price close above MA's-short term MA turning up, broken out of short term downtrend, double bottomed before upward move- Although lower low made could indicate short term move up only, MACD showing divergence-Indication of a trend reversal.
So, solely on TA, short term daily run up may not be over and slightly longer term vieiw, a target of 67p could be achieved, but as ever a tight stop needs to be applied.
Obviously any news flow will effect the price directly.
Friday's gap up has been followed by a hanging man candle.

With the market retracing it looks like time for a breather here.