Watch Sage Grp.(SGE)...


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Chart show clear double bottom formation..beg. of Jan. and beg. of March...has proved strong support around 280 during the recent hammering down of tech stocks..up today 13 (4.5%) to 303...

Volume spike..chart shaping up nicely with 5, 10 day MAs heading up..price crossing over 5 day EMA...stochastics converging at the oversold area..RSI headign up sharply and just crossing 30 line...MFI and OBV both ticking up..

I've traded sge many times...mostly with profit only a couple in at 282 and still holding that stake..I also day traded them today for +8.75..

Apart from risk of another Nasdaq tumbling down which can push sge back to below 300, it's worth watching closely..especially if they hold over 300...sge has a habit of flying when going up...

(no financial advice intended)

Yep i'm in SGE @ 284
How much is it worth Riz if i sell now ensuring a price explosion for you ala ARM yesterday....damn...and ISYS to a lesser extent.
I'm never going to get rich :(
Good luck mate

SGE proved it's still bouncy..up today +22 (7.3%) to 325...I did to intraday trades on sge for +9.5 each..still holding my main stake...

Good timing on arm and isys, Steve... :)
I don't blame you this time however with this market sentiment...I think I'll hold arm till they are over 400 and isys 180 is my target for the time for sge I'll keep day trading them..give them a few positive days in the market, and they'll soon hit 400 I think..I'll hold...

Not sure about 400 on SGE Riz i'll have sold long before that.I think 350 is possible near know i can't resist pressing that button when i see the readies for the taking.

down due to profit taking..

Profit takers pushed sge quite down to 307 by midday..after jumping from 290 to 325 in 2 days, this was expected of course...sge recouped most of the loss later and closed at 320 down -5 however...buyers outnumbered sellers 2.3m/1.5m...some aggressive after hours buys also indicate that sge hasn't lost its breadth yet...I'll hold..also traded intraday for +9.75...

(no financial advice intended)

Steve, 350 or even 340 is a good exit point as we'll probably witness some retracement around that saying 400 as the target I don't mean just sitting and waiting...I'll hold half of my stake till then and get in and out many times with the other half by then :)

good luck