Bioglan (BGP)


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This looks like a buy to me, looking at RSI and moneyflow - This is a PROFITABLE company, it is often tipped in the same breath as Shire - anyone follow this at all?
Sorry Nipper for the nil response. I think this suggests that nobody is following this one.

Reached a low of 436 before Christmas off a high of 902 in March 2000. Bounced back 130 points since and breaking the ceiling of a falling trend but last couple of days has slipped back to 550ish. RSI 66 and most other indicators seem positive but I cannot tell which way it will go in the short term.

TA gurus please help with this one.

Scottish Widows has a major interest and figures to 31st July showed turnover increased 48% to £34mln and in profit.

Certainly a medium to long termer but I would be interested in our Chartist colleagues short term view.

Good Luck

A pull back looks imminent on the charts..Independent on Sunday reckons the shares are still undervalued at 528p and says that the average price target is between 750p and 850p...

I'd wait and see where the new support is formed before getting in..

Thanks guys

Almost as soon as I wrote that some hefty sales went through - will hold back for the time being and keep watch.