Binaural Beats. Do they work? Have you tried them?


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hi all,
Have any of you used binaural beats as a means of assisting peak performance or for relaxation, or as an aid to meditation?

Any hints / tips?
Any good gadgets for monitoring them?



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Hi there Trendie

I did look into this some years ago, and the technology seems legit in that it can change states - but then I came to the conclusion do I want to be trading in an altered state, probably not. There some expensive systems out there, but one I found was some software called Brain Sound Studio that allowed you to tweak the levels and adjust the waves to suit what you wanted which was pretty cool. It also allowed you to add the beats to whatever other music you like, as its in the background which gave some interesting effects especially with electronic music.

In terms of using it, probably useful to get you into a focused state but not to use while trading. Meditation practice is probably more useful in the long run. But theres plenty of apps around for free thesedays for binaural beats.


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hi Silverston,
thanks for reply.
I agree that you shouldn't use them whilst trading.
You have to be focused and clear-headed without external crutches.

I was thinking more in terms of if binaural beats helped to clear and refresh mental states as a general overall health benefit.
Better states whilst trading would be a side-effect, but not necessarily the prime motive.
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