Binarybet Redesign


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Ok! so why have binarybet decided to place the bet to fall at the top and the bet to rise at the bottom. Surely it is far more logical to have kept it like it was and have bet to rise the top button and bet to fall the bottom button.

I phoned them to ask why the change and there comment was that they were redesigning the page and it is just the way the web designers decided to change it. I can't quite understand why a website designer would take it on themselves to switch all the bets so they were the wrong way round - unless asked to do so. Because it makes it a bit confusing at first and Im sure a few people made mistakes and bet the wrong way. Of course it may have been there intention to increase the possibility of making a mistake.
A fair point adrian. To be honest though I've nearly had enough with that site. bets constantly rejected if the price moves in your favour nefore confirmation, and confirmation taking up to something liek 15 minutes, is SOOO frustrating. Have had abetter experience with, although not many markets there at the mo.
They do seem to do everything in their power to make it difficult. As for the redesign - If it ain't broke, why fix it??
Hmm! so after mine and other peoples comments they decided to change it back. It would have been more appropriate to do it out of hours or at least during the night. I had loads of problems placing bets as they changed the site back and it stopped me placing bets that would have won :(