Varying Closing times


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Is this a new change by IGindex - Binarybet.

Ive noticed this week and the end of last week that binarybet has started to vary the times when you can bet on certain positions. Ive noticed they will close position earlier in some cases and have also had to wait nearly 10 mins from the start before some have opened, by the time it had the price had already pushed up quite a lot.

Not knowing when a position is going to open or close gives a big edge to Binarybet.


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I've noticed they're not consistent with opening times on the hourly binaries more so than others. I suspect their process is very manual, as they often need to be made aware that prices are not active. That said, at least they give us the opportunity to participate in the digital options market. Hopefully their bid offer spreads will be inproved as more competitors enter the market. I hear rumours of cantor trying to jump in on the act.

Back to the original point though, maybe someone could explain to me why the nasdaq and s&p binaries need to close five minutes before the dow ????


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nasdaq and s&p binaries need to close five minutes before the dow ????

Just ask IG they will tell you why.

The reason they gave me was these markets are harder to price in the last five minutes.


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The nasdaq and s&p are more volatile than the dow and ftse.
As you already know Binaries get more and more volatile the closer you get to expiration.
Perhaps the combination of the volatility of underlying market and volatily due to the time remaining
is just too much.

Closing the bets early must definitely work in IGs favour otherwise i cant see why they would do it
(or altleast continue to do it like they have).


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I found trying to get the range bets right for closing prices quite hard so I stopped trying to guess. Ive noticed that you can no longer buy FTSE previous day to 9am before the market opens. I would sometimes buy at around 7am and could often sell before or just after the market opened for a profit.

Salty Gibbon

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I thought that since the government relaxed the licensing laws that closing times were pretty optional.

Could be wrong.
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