Binary Bets


Those of us interested in binary bets now seem to have five main choices, two of them provided by ig index, one by Regents Markets, one by Choice Gaming Ltd, and the fifth by an as-yet unknown party. I'm excluding those companies whose binary bet offerings are limited (and in some cases truly awful). Does anyone have any opinion on which is the better, and, if so, for what reason?
I've historically used Binarybet, it's been a good system. BOM just hasn't done it for me, I don't like the site as it just doesn't do it for me. Currently I'm all over the five minute markets on choiceodds, they are volatile but that's what I do these things.
I like the Intrade ones a the most as I like laying odds myself rather than taking them and it can be automated through their API. If you can program then I think this is the best.

If taking rather than placing prices I think I would rank as follows:

1) BetaExoticBets - Great products, near fair value prices. Not sure when they are live for real money though so kind of academic at the moment.

2) BOM: Had an account there for 6 years, never had problems. A classic.

3=) BinaryBet / Extrabet: Pricing not great but slick and simple.

3=) Ladbrokes: A bit of a gimick interface but I have done well out of them so I am a fan.

4) ChoiceOdds: Their design is the best but it is very restrictive and still a few bugs (though I saw one that could be advantageous).

5) The others (Lots of sports bookies have a few, BetFair also do the Intrade thing but not nearly as well).

Just my 2c

1) BetaExoticBets - [...] though so kind of academic at the moment.

yep ;-)
Thanks for the info NotQuiteRandom, i didnt knew the company before!
I can find an imprint on their website - do you know where they come from
I located 2 IP addresses for them, one from an email they sent me in reply to a question (in London) the other in the Isle of Man (server).
Thanks for the fast response!

Without an imprint and missing terms and conditions they wont have much luck with recruting user from outside. Anyway - the concept looks interesting.
Jules 101

I didn't include CityIndex or Finspreads, or any of the other companies which offer limited binary betting opportunities, because their main businesses are spread-betting. The ones mentioned seem to be heavily weighted towards binary betting.

Not Quite Random

I'd put binarybet and extrabet at the top because, as you say, they are slick and simple, and they suit my betting approach.

BetOnMarkets, and possible Betaexoticbets seem more suited to longer-term betting where we can take into account possibly forecastable world events to predict the behaviour of markets, i.e. how an American attack on Iran within the next six months will affect the $.

Not quite sure about Choiceodds yet. I had some success yesterday, but only - I think - because I was able to replicate the bets I was making with binarybet.

I think that ClickOptions is very well designed but not very good. Useless product. There seems to be an inverse relationship between design quality and product quailty in this game. ;-)

Boxoption is good and anything from Mr. Olsen is worth our attention IMHO. It is only on FX which is a pain but very dynamic and cool!
Tried choiceodds for a couple of days but doubt if I'll be persevering with it. The only way I could come close to replicating the strategy I use wth binarybets and extrabet was by using the Floating Binary Daily Ranges, but they exposed me to too high a level of risk. Overall, I lost 4.5% of my capital - but at least I'm responsible for planting a tree, I hope.