Biggest central bank mistake?


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I was wondering what you think was the biggest mistake made by any central bank since 2008?

I think all central banks failed together and am a big opponent of stimulus as it only applies a short term fix hoping it will buy the economy time, but at some point someone has to pay for the stimulus which in my opinion is far worse than a recession from which sustainable growth can be achieved.

I think there are quite a few historical cases which show that stimulus does not work and ends up being counter-productive. It is terrible that central banks act in order to please investors and not in order to create an environment for stable as well as sustainable economic growth.

The Leopard

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It's political.

One historical example you could talk about is the Great Depression. Thomas Sowell is entertaining on it.

Biggest central bank mistake? Well, they're not mistakes - they're doing it on purpose. They're doing what governments and peoples want them to do.

But in terms of what they do wrong - pretty much everything they do.

Hakuna Matata

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The biggest mistake any Central Bank has made is not appointing me to whatever position I applied to. They advertise for them in the back of teh economist. BoE was the last one.

I have also applied for a bunch of jobs in Africa (transport, infrastructure, occasional energy related posts). Just bang off your current C.V. and enjoy writing the cover letter.

I mostly did this as a student, mind.


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QE for sure. Well maybe not today but it will be studied as a model of economic exhaustion in future.



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Is forex trading a fake and fraud business??
why if yes and why if dont??

Why you are looking an answer for this question ? :-0


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QE for sure. Well maybe not today but it will be studied as a model of economic exhaustion in future.


I agree with you. Right now a lot of people may think it is positive, but in the end the price tag will be too high and not worth it.
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