BigEasy, anybody here use it?


i've been using the free software BigEasy for a while and really like it. Now they are going to charge $40/month from April and i'm not sure to subscribe to it or to buy something else, like Omnitrader or Metastock. BigEasy is smart and easy to use and i really like their "Daytrader's Average" feature. But it deals with only USA market, you can't import UK data into it. Could the nice and wise folks on this board advice me please? Thanks lots lots.


By the way, do OmniTrader and Metastock offer features like the "DayTrader's Average" from BigEasy?
thanks Uncle, i'm pleased with the responce from metastock

i wrote to metastock as you suggested. They replied the same day and they are very helpful. i'm really pleased with them and will buy metastock shortly. Just to be helpful to people who are interested in metastock, i'm posting their reply below:

Yes, this is possible with a custom formula. You can create a formula to
look for just about anything you desire. We can even help you write the
formula, if necessary.


Now it's a shame that i have to leave BigEasy, i like them too. But can't have both, as i'm crying poverty---- this downturning market has swallowed up my money.

Thanks Uncle for your help.
Tubby, if you decide to buy, you can obtain all you need from Q-Data here in the UK.

Contact [email protected] and you will find them just as helpful.

Best wishes