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Anyone got any views on good AI packages-am looking at Nneuroshell Trader/Neurostocks and the like-but I already use Omnitrader.Interested to know if a Neural networks package will add much to the likes of Omnitrader and Position Cost Averaging which I also have.
Am also waiting on TrRader II from Updata -will let people know what I think am currently using Trader Pro and it works fine.

Welcome to T2W Burney on your first post. I cant help with a response to your request, being a Metastock devotee, but no doubt someone will come to your aid.

Best wishes

Burney, Dr Iraj is your man. I tried to get a thread going on this, now brought back to the top. There was some discussion on our previous BB, but the text of this has,unfortunately, vanished. Let's try to re-start this thread again.
Happy to get thread going

Hill Farmer-thanks for response really keen to get thread going on AI packages-am v interested in the concepts of Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms although complete novice on the technical knowledge needed so am keen to get views from any others on :

a/ Do they provide an edge

b/ Best packages for Computer literate but not Computer scientists or Mathematicians.

Any one got any experience of AI/Neural nets etc then please feel free to contribute.

Don't go near Neurostock, their promised licence does not materealise after 30 days and the program stops working. They do not reply to e-mails and you will not see your money again.

I'm quoting from my experience,take care.

Dr Iraj is the expert in this field, he may kow of some good sites and in any event can advise on the effectiveness of neural networks.

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