Bigcharts for spreadbetting


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Does anyone use I have been paper-trading the Dow using them for a few weeks. You have to keep refreshing the page, but I thought that when you did so, the prices were real-time.
Now, however, I read at the bottom of the Bigcharts page, that all intraday data is delayed 20 minutes. Can anyone tell me if this is really so, as when I refresh the page, the price always seems to fall midway between the Buy/Sell range given on various spreadbetting sites such as IG Index and so looks as if it is real-time.
If Bigcharts in not real-time, does anyone know of any free sites which do give real-time prices for the Dow, along with technical indicators, and if not who offers this service at the best price?

I'm pretty sure Bigcharts is live (or very close to it) for the US markets, but it certainly is delayed for the UK markets.

Another one that's pretty close to live I think is FutureSource

However, I've never used either of these for anything other than historic data, so I'm quite prepared for someone to prove me wrong :)
Bigcharts is real time for US indices. Look at the top right of the chart when you refresh where it shows a time. That is the time of the data update. For US indices it is real time. You can easily measure the delay to data for other info. Although I have 2 live feeds which I pay for, I still like the feel of Bigcharts so do use them.
regards, G McA