Beyatch fights


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With so many kicking off on here at the mo can we post up the classics on here so i don't have to trawl through all that trading related stuff to find the real go old dust ups


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Love to see the PM's going on behind the scenes here guys

- Can you imagine it ;-))

"We will have him - we will catch him out - but how do we do it ?"

"Lets rubbish his thread - yes good idea"

" Then lets pick on his reputation - ie no Kudos without an account summary "

" Lets keep saying he's never done a live call - yes that will wind him up - hehe"

" lets bring doubt into all and sundry "

" lets take him off his focus - and then try and make him make mistakes"

" we need to do something - all our buddies are leaving -we will be hero's if we can get him just to leave or even better get him banned"

"He will get so fed up with us - he's bound to leave - because what ever he does - we will argue against him and slowly do the "drip drip" mental torture"

Anyone want a bet who will win ;-)

It's so obvious to anyone with a brain what's going on

But am I bothered...........

Should T2W be bothered........ Yes

I should be able to to censor them off my thread - as other sites allow

If I had that facility though - I still would not use it - simply because I believe in free speech etc and choice etc

Guys you don't have to believe anything I say or tell you

It's your choice - not mine


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The big thing here about making a live call - is it seems all you lot on that other Lord Flash guy's site that run for years were pretty useless

The standard was just way below acceptability and fairly pathetic

If all of you had just tossed a coin you might have made better calls

I only had the displeasure of going on it for one week - and then released I was dealing with total envious haters

I can remember all the jokes now - ie

He won't last a week

He wont keep that up

He cannot trade

You lot have had to eat humble pie far too much already

You can eat more when I am ready ;-))




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I'll cut it straight to the chase, your bad mannered, your typing is Sh1te, so as we say in Old Blighty, "Do one".

wouldnt normally bother but as youve taken the trouble to blow off its "you're bad mannered" not "your bad mannered"

if punctuation and grammar and spelling are your thing then at least get yours right when you take someone else to task for it

no idea what "Do one" might mean and incredibly disinterested in finding out but i assume its what all you limey guys do when your wives go out
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I think the "enemy" here are not getting nervous - they need to put up or shut up now

The "old guard" are now reverting to total nonsense to try and score some "browny points"

Sorry guys - you now both look pathetic and just so others know - SCM even befriended me a few months ago

Why - I dont know ?

Now I do - he just does not believe I am who I am - and thinks I must be selling something or I am a previous multi nic rogue who has been banned before

Well on this one I will say point blank -

I will gladly pay you - who ever you are - £10000 - in cash if that was correct.

Similar if you still honestly believe you are correct - I am afraid this is really now getting slanderous

I therefore suggest you and Tar need to stop commenting now - and take legal advice

OR within 24 hrs make a full and unreserved apology

Sorry it as come to this - but its in your court now guys

I have to be "bothered" when you have "idiots" saying total untruths

With regret

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here is a pm that Dullard sent me. i do admit I had a little chuckle.



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good, cliffs, so i can catch up on the history and level of discourse on this forum when my eyeballs sting from number crunching. this will save some time, KUDOS!
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