Bet Disputes - Internet Logs


I have a dispute with one of the FSA regulated Spreadbetting firms over a sports trade.

They have sent me a "cut & paste" extract from what they claim to be the internet log to prove their version of events. To be honest I don't believe it as I have been experiencing problems with trading, since they cottoned on to the fact I like to play an arb if I can find one. If had a number of experiences of changed prices from those quoted, mysteriously declined bets etc.

They have closed my account for complaining about the disputed bet and questioning the information ("their integrity") provided.

Can anyone tell me how If internet logs are secure, presumably an FSA requirement, if I can obtain a copy of the original log, and how would I know it hasn't been tampered with.

Any info/help appreciated.

I am no legal expert but perhaps you could use the courts to force them to hand over the log. As for the logs integrity I don't know how you could prove that. This raises an interesting point, should brokers/bookmakers be obliged to provide facilities in their software so customers may also keep the same log


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I can't confirm how spreadbetting firms logs can be verified but I know in my profession (I am a GP) our computer systems have an"audit trail" that monitors any changes to the record, what has changed, when and by whom. These have been tested in the courts and do stand up to scrutiny.

Have you complained to the FSA yet?

barty181, I would think it unlikely that an FSA registered company would tamper with regulation. If they use the "evidence" surely it's available to you.
Have you checked your Private Messages?
Barty, if they are FSA regulated, there's no way they would tamper with the audit trail. These firms have a compliance department. Try and take it up with them?
Thanks for the replies,
I've written to the compliance dept and am awaiting a response, I also asked why not have the facility to print off a receipt like a rival company has.

I'll keep you posted
If you think so called FSA regulated firms will not tamper with the trade logs and the like, then you got another thing coming .

My friend had a similar problem with a broker, and the up shot was that they changed both the logs and their standard agreement to cover up the fact that they made a trade , to which they afterwards regretted - ie. they lost money on it .

And FSA are just as bad , the * enforcement * dept., don't have staff with trading experience , they wouldn't know the difference between the price spread and peanut butter spread . Bloody crap.

my advice to you is keep ALL your original documents and NEVER disclose what you have to the firm . Then publish on some public forum such as this and email the firm about it . Publicity is your only weapon .

If you go through the courts , it will cost you an arm and a leg before you even get close to your money .