Best pair to trade ?


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Hey gang

if You were only allowed to trade 1 pair .....what would it be and why ?

Secondly is there a pair most suited to beginners to trade ? that doesn't scare them off from trading forex ?



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I will go for EURUSD and i think that will be good for beginners too because of these following reasons:
Highly liquid
Trendy pair
Good volatility


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I will go for EUR/USD because it is good for beginners and it is the most popular currency pair among traders.


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USD/GBP – this currency pair is quite among popular among traders since it's quite profitable but may be risky to trade for beginners.


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USD/GBP – this currency pair is quite among popular among traders since it's quite profitable but may be risky to trade for beginners.
I guess you mean you have found GBP /USD the most profitable pair to trade using your approach. You can't say a currency pair "is profitable"


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for me XAUUSD most volatility Forex Pair / Metal ... sometimes its crazy huh, but usually if you use Fibo levels and Elliot Wawes ( at this instrument they works )- you in profit with corect low risk ) love it

Kevin FD

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traders should choose the pair which is more appropriate to the concept of trading that will be used , if love doing scalping , should choose the pair which has most lowest trading spreads.


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Depends on your trading system. For example I use XAUUSD because it exhibits momentum property better than fx pairs.


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MIne is USD/JPY because it can potentially create large profits by capitalizing on the daily fluctuations if you’re able to buy in at the right time.


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Like most of the other commenters, I prefer EURUSD. It seems to be safe and good for beginners and I've had good results doing so thus far.

Vladimir Rojas

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My advice to new traders and to anyone thinking of doing scalping or intraday trading is that you should consider what happens when your stop levels have to face pairs with a high spread, since you could pay a huge spread in the In case your stop loss is exceeded by the market. On the other hand, we must not forget that the broker will often charge the spread at the opening of the operation first. This is the reason why your position begins in negative at the moment of entering our operation on the platform, but of course depending on the pair it will not be the same to start an operation with 10 euros in negative with the EUR / USD pair than with 80 with the AUDNZD.


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Find a major fx pair that aligns with your analysis of markets and also some hedging factors - for example I will trade AUD/USD because I also trade ASX 200, similarly FTSE 100 with Cable.
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