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A couple of weeks ago I was looking at a one of the top selling trading books.

I emailed the author and asked what his best month was and what monthly returns I could expect following his methods.

His best was 40% and the average was 5-8%

This seemed very low because my average is higher than his best.

I was wondering what other members best month was.

Come on don't be shy.


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I know of one person that did 1100% in one month...... not for me to say who though. :cheesy:
Utterly meaninless, but nevertheless a fact. If you're achieving >40% pm average, then you must be well pleased. Forget what anyone else achieves!!!!


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I just wanted to compare members results to these so called experts like VC, champion trader etc.

They seem to quote £2000 here and there but do not show continuous results

It is difficult contacting some of these experts, does anyone have an email address for VC.



Average +40% per month is phenomenal!

Will you share your method of picking entry points?

Come on don't be shy.


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Hi Darren

My nine months average was 49.6% for each and every month.
During that period there was one losing month -4% and the best month was +260%

How and what do you currently trade.

My methods are for daytrading and do not suit everyone, 98% of my trades are on one instrument.

If you think this would suit you and want to know more PM me.

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