Bernake (What ever his name is)


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I just received this email and it cracks me up:

I hate to tell you this but I was like 30 secs from being WIPED OUT on my personal account. That Bernake (whatever his name is!) reduction in the discount rate spiked the market like I have NEVER seen before. I had LITERALLY just closed a short position and then - bada-boom - the market spike beyond the area were my stops were placed and kept going like a horny rabbit determined to give it to every short trader.

I took some major losses today and, I have to tell you, I'm not feeling very inspired. I'll have to start building my capital factory yet again.

Jeez, what is Bernakera doing anyway? Let the market find it's own equilibrium! He should have ignored Cramer's mad rant and stayed focused. Do you know what? I have never liked Bernacka from the very first week in his new job. It's like he doesn't understand the markets! Straight up! Doesn't he know that he is supposed to promote stability!!! Leaking information 'inadvertently' to the press and other complete crazy stuff...Bernafoon or Bernafool. Maybe it's just me! Maybe it's sour grapes after the depletion of my equity but shouldn't the market be closed before such news is released? How is a market hustler supposed to make their bread with such Bernacraziness? Why does Bernablair remind me of Tony Blair so much? Is it because he is so easily influence by the media. Jeez, let the market is long over due!

Trying to buck market nature is like trying to buck mother nature, you might enjoy the benefits for a while but the natural laws will catch up with you eventually (I won't mention floods and global warming). Central banks have been delaying the recession for longer than I care to remember but they're only delaying - and making worse - the obvious: Cycles, oscilliations, the yin-yang man, birth-death etc. We are now in a bear market and no amount of fed' etc intervention can stop it. The bear market started on the 9th of August (funny enough I had predicted the 9th of August months ago based on a Fib' studies, have you read any of robert Fischer stuff? He is a genius and you really need to buy his book "The new Fibonnacci Trader...profound). I take it that this would mean a fixed-income bull market...right?

Anyway, thanks for reading my 'Cramer'.

Next week I should be going live with TCA. They have given me a capable mentor who definitely has an impact on my trading performance, however he has been on holiday for the last week and doesn't get back until Monday.

Have a good weekend.