bear books

Any good book on technical analysis will do. You can then go short either via a broker, or with spreadbetting firms. Otherwise, you can play options, but this may be a bit more complex. In principle, as long as securities trend down, you just go short and make actual fact..not even this is that easy!
Cigar - the way the market is at present might I suggest -


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Two books I've recently obtained but not yet read are:

1. The Bear book: Survive and profit in Ferocious Markets by John Rothschild
2. The art of short selling by Kathryn Staley

Other bear books can be found at the trader's library at

I'll post reviews of these two once I've read them (only fair to read them first :) ).
Thanks Dippers

Reading the books first before making an opinion... you'll never make an analyst.

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Not specifically about bear markets but includes market structure and the economic cyle -
martin pring's the all season investor is wotyh considering.