AXN Keep your eyes on it.


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Wow Iraj........what prompted this one???

One that has been kind to me years ago. A excellent company too.

Now on my watch list..........thanks


Dr Iraj

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Stock is over sold. Volume spike today.


The net debt is expected to be reduced from £21.7m to £14.0m. Strong cash flow in the pip line.

IC' has a positive view toward the stock. ... it goes AXN shares, are at a discount to its peers' and with good underlying fundamentals, ...."


Massive Director’s buying

Reason for buying:- |Good recovery stock. Part of my medium term portfolio. Not much down hill.

Stop loss:- I won’t stop loss on this stock due to recovery nature of the stock.


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Thanks Dr Iraj,

Got it on my watch list...
It's nice to hear from you now and then by the way...





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Hi Iraj,

Good to hear from you, hope you are keeping well. Certainly a volume spike today, but it's extremely puzzling trying to decipher which of the trades are buys, sells, or ?. I don't know if the info is deliberately presented like this to confuse the private investor, but I'm adding this to my watchlist!

Dr Iraj

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10% up today. My other medium term stocks are Halma (14% up) and screen (40%). Brixton (Not much change)Vislink (slightly down).

No one goes broke by making a profit. Thanks to TA,FA.

PS I am expecting vislink to do very well within next 3 month. All directors have now bought including Bob Morton.


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Hi Doc - hope you are well.

Don't like fundies on this one very much, they have managed to progressively lose money over the past 3 years and debt has increased. They have also recognised 'difficult trading conditions' which doesn't inspire me with any confidence, however I bow to your superior knowledge and the 10% bounce in trading today cares not for any fundamentals.

I sometimes wonder as to the worth of Journalists and analysts views :-
Teather and Greenwood offered us BAe Systems as one of their top ten for 2001 and Investors Week recently heralded Matalan and look what happened to them this week......

I like VLK very much.

For a recovery play Iraj you might like to take a look at (IMG) fundamentals are A1.

Do you think after the recent sell off and volume spike today that (AGS) offers a trend reversal ?????

Good Luck



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Thought I would bring this back to everyone's attention. The last couple of days have seen a bit of action and the price has started to move. Big trades going through. What do the charts say? Could be worth a punt. Any suggestions?



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The charts say you missed the boat....the stock is illiquid and so TA is a bit meaningless....