AXN Keep your eyes on it.

Wow Iraj........what prompted this one???

One that has been kind to me years ago. A excellent company too.

Now on my watch list..........thanks

Stock is over sold. Volume spike today.


The net debt is expected to be reduced from £21.7m to £14.0m. Strong cash flow in the pip line.

IC' has a positive view toward the stock. ... it goes AXN shares, are at a discount to its peers' and with good underlying fundamentals, ...."


Massive Director’s buying

Reason for buying:- |Good recovery stock. Part of my medium term portfolio. Not much down hill.

Stop loss:- I won’t stop loss on this stock due to recovery nature of the stock.
Thanks Dr Iraj,

Got it on my watch list...
It's nice to hear from you now and then by the way...



Hi Iraj,

Good to hear from you, hope you are keeping well. Certainly a volume spike today, but it's extremely puzzling trying to decipher which of the trades are buys, sells, or ?. I don't know if the info is deliberately presented like this to confuse the private investor, but I'm adding this to my watchlist!
10% up today. My other medium term stocks are Halma (14% up) and screen (40%). Brixton (Not much change)Vislink (slightly down).

No one goes broke by making a profit. Thanks to TA,FA.

PS I am expecting vislink to do very well within next 3 month. All directors have now bought including Bob Morton.
Hi Doc - hope you are well.

Don't like fundies on this one very much, they have managed to progressively lose money over the past 3 years and debt has increased. They have also recognised 'difficult trading conditions' which doesn't inspire me with any confidence, however I bow to your superior knowledge and the 10% bounce in trading today cares not for any fundamentals.

I sometimes wonder as to the worth of Journalists and analysts views :-
Teather and Greenwood offered us BAe Systems as one of their top ten for 2001 and Investors Week recently heralded Matalan and look what happened to them this week......

I like VLK very much.

For a recovery play Iraj you might like to take a look at (IMG) fundamentals are A1.

Do you think after the recent sell off and volume spike today that (AGS) offers a trend reversal ?????

Good Luck

Thought I would bring this back to everyone's attention. The last couple of days have seen a bit of action and the price has started to move. Big trades going through. What do the charts say? Could be worth a punt. Any suggestions?

The charts say you missed the boat....the stock is illiquid and so TA is a bit meaningless....